Wage bill blow for Scarboro’ workers

SCARBOROUGH workers pick up one of the lowest annual pay packets in Yorkshire with a continued discrepancy between genders, according to new figures.

The statistics, revealed by the Office for National Statistics, showed the town’s male employees earn an average of £26,111 a year, with women picking up £20,381.

The figures mean workers in the Scarborough area are paid an average of £23,167 - putting the town in 14th place out of 21 areas in Yorkshire.

The town had a higher male wage level than York, which stood at £25,462, though the city’s typical wage for a woman stood at £22,240, around £2,000 higher than Scarborough.

However, the wage levels make bleaker reading when put into context against average household incomes - where Scarborough’s £26,386 total falls only below north- east Lincolnshire and Hull, which stand at £26,173 and £23,105 respectively.

Suzanne Burnett, managing director of Castle Employment Agency, based in York Place, said while the figures showed Scarborough was not at the top of the league, the town certainly had added benefits for workers, pointing to its location and seaside backdrop.

She added: “There is always the physic income to take into account in our locality.

“This is something that you get from your work aside from the salary, for example, the difference between someone working in Scarborough and looking out at the sea and listening to the seagulls all day compared to someone in an office building in Leeds.

“That can add a virtual benefit to someone’s salary level.”

The statistics, which do not include part-time or self-employed workers, showed Ryedale’s average overall wage stood at £20,282, putting it 19th in the list.

However, the area’s average household income sits at a healthier £34,235, suggesting a heavy number of commuters living in the area.

Richmondshire was one of the county’s poorest areas for wage figures with the average wage for a man standing at £20,054 producing a typical wage across both sexes of £19,226.

However, its household income stood at £33,688.

Bradford was another area to fall lower than Scarborough for male wages with the average figure standing at £24,597 and its pay for women only slightly higher than this area at £20,501.

However, its overall wage was again lower than Scarborough’s though, coming in at £22,270.