Web plea for KFC is noted

KFC in Aberdeen Walk before it closed
KFC in Aberdeen Walk before it closed

FRIED chicken fanatics in Scarborough could be in for some finger lickin’ good news thanks to an internet campaign by residents.

More than 5,000 fans of fast food chain KFC have signed up to a page on social networking website Facebook, calling for a restaurant to open in Scarborough.

Their efforts have not gone unnoticed by bigwigs at the American firm, which has its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky.

A spokesperson for the company confirmed that the chain is aware of the Facebook group and that plans were afoot to open a KFC in Scarborough.

The KFC spokesperson said: “We’re always looking for new locations, and due to popular demand from local residents, particularly on Facebook, we’d love to open a restaurant in Scarborough.

“It’s early days and we’re still looking for a suitable site, but we hope to have some good news for our fans soon.”

It was also confirmed that around 40 new jobs would be created if plans to open a restaurant in Scarborough come to fruition.

It is understood that KFC is looking at opening a drive-through outlet in Seamer Road as well as a branch somewhere in the town centre.

The news will delight members of the Facebook campaign, who will hope their long wait could soon be over.

On the page’s wall, John Paton wrote: “Why do they keep putting adverts for KFC up on bus shelters and outside shops in Scarborough? Talk about teasing folk...”

Another Scarborough KFC fan, Wendy Grisdale, said: “Please open one in Scarborough. I’m having withdrawals!”

Rachel Cooke said: “I’ve been waiting 16 years to have a KFC here. Please, please, please!”

There was a small branch of Kentucky Fried Chicken in Aberdeen Walk, Scarborough, several years ago after it took over a Wimpy outlet.

However, it was soon taken over by another fried chicken outlet and KFC has not been seen in Scarborough since.