Year’s first campaign by McCain

SCARBOROUGH based food giant McCain has launched its first advertising campaign for 2011.

The frozen food company, based at Havers Hill in Eastfield, has launched a £2.5 million outdoor, press and online campaign promoting McCain Rustic Oven Chips.

Launched this month, the campaign centres on the message that Rustic Oven Chips are ‘3% fat. 100% guilt free’.

The outdoor advertising campaign kicked off on Monday for four weeks and will be supported in press titles targeting pre-family females.

A Facebook campaign was also launched this week, with both aimed at attracting new consumers.

Alan Castle, head of Customer Marketing, said: “McCain Rustic Oven Chips are a healthier chip and at the beginning of the year, when health and dieting is front of mind, we believe the significant investment we have made in this light-hearted campaign will cut through to the target audience leading to an uplift in sales for retailers.”