Call for action on mobile homes

ACTION could be taken to tackle the problem of motor homes illegally parking across the Scarborough area it has been revealed.

Residents had complained that visitors were using the area’s car parks and on-street parking bays for overnight stops instead of heading for designated caravan sites.

But now local authorities can impose temporary orders to prohibit the activity after concerns were raised that it could have an adverse effect on tourism.

Cllr Joe Plant, who sits on both the borough and the county councils, said that he had contacted Robert Goodwill MP about the issue last year and he had received a response back from the Department for Transport. He added: “They did say they were looking at simplifying the regulations.”

He said that under the current legislation there were powers to impose temporary traffic regulation orders and a consultation process would also begin to look for a longer term solution. “We will be able to get something in place for June for the beginning of the summer season,” he said.

Cllr Plant said that he welcomed mobile homes to the area as long as the visitors abided by the rules. He said: “This has been a problem for some years and something must be done because we can’t keep letting it happen. It’s not just businesses that are complaining it’s residents as well.”

Cllr Alf Abbott, who is a borough councillor, said he had also received a number of complaints about people in mobile homes using the area’s car parks as make shift camp sites.

He said: “They have these big buses and they are taking the mickey when they go to the car parks. The road drains are for rain water not their waste. It could affect our green flags.

“Either it’s because everywhere is full or they don’t want to contribute to the local economy. Something will have to done because it’s the law. Scarborough Council is having to enforce it.”

According to a letter last month from Norman Baker MP, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State responsible for the issue, he said that local authorities could tackle the problem by imposing Traffic Regulation Orders. He said: “The order sets out the type of vehicle to be controlled, at which location(s) and at what time(s).

“I have asked officials to look into simplifying this process. As a follow up to this I am happy to say that the Secretary of State has recently authorised a new sign that can be utilised by local authorities to ban the parking of motor caravans on their road networks.”