Call for more ‘affordable’ new homes

A proposed “problematic development” for Cayton is unsuitable for the area and will not provide enough affordable homes it has been claimed.

Concerns over drainage and sewage problems also dominated the debate over two planning applications, for the scheme on land west of Station Road and south of West Garth, which were received by Scarborough Council.

Barratt Homes Yorkshire (East) Division was granted outline planning permission for the development last November and had asked to vary two of the conditions as well as providing new details relating to access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale of the development.

But Brian Heywood, a spokesman from Cayton Residents Action Group, said the development was “risky to the point of recklessness” when he spoke against the two applications on Thursday.

He added: “Out of 162 houses on this site, 32 will be affordable. That’s 32 houses of the type that Scarborough needs, and 130 houses of types that it doesn’t particularly need. Family homes in Cayton have sold very slowly over the last three years.

“Why only 32 affordable homes? The original council target was 40 per cent and has already been reduced to 20 per cent because, quoting one planning officer from 12 months ago, ‘the developer needs to make a profit’.”

Peter Morris, a Barratt spokesman, said that the scheme would boost the local economy and they were working to identify solutions to drainage problems. He added: “Drainage is a key concern for the council, as for residents and we have commenced early discussions with Yorkshire Water to identify a number of solutions.”

The developer had asked for a reduction in the number of properties – from 170 down to 162 – and the deletion of a requirement to comply with the code for sustainable homes.

Members of the committee voted to approve the changes and also approved the proposed details relating to the appearance of the development.