Calls for big response as council puts more Scarborough heritage in line for bulldozer to the highest bidder

All of Scarborough is being urged to help combat attempts that would eradicate part of the town's special heritage and green space.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 2nd November 2017, 9:52 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 6:08 am
24/7/08 Sport
South Cliff Bowls Club Centenary.
Action from the centenary bowls match
24/7/08 Sport South Cliff Bowls Club Centenary. Action from the centenary bowls match 083067d

A packed meeting at South Cliff Bowling Green clubhouse with standing room only heard that Scarborough Borough Council had pushed the one-acre community asset into an extended plan for a pub, retail, hotel and 50 homes – all the way from Weaponess Avenue and along Filey Road.

The historic green, created in 1908, has been added to the marketing of the closed Filey Road sports centre site – which would see the loss of another part of the area’s character, following the closure of the centre and the demolition of Bramcote School.

The number of bowlers has actually increased in recent years – despite allusions by a council officer to the cabinet that numbers are dwindling.

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Walkers also use the space, which is a designated conservation area.

“We inherit for future generations and we can keep what we inherit intact or destroy it,” said club chairman Tony Campbell.

“Some others might say that it appears philistine to lose this green site but without due care I do think it is fair to say that we would lessen what we have. This site is a little gem.”

He is hoping to set up a meeting with council chief executive Jim Dillon, and council leader Cllr Derek Bastiman, to get the bowling area removed from the widened sell-off of the area to developers but will meet local councillors first.

John Rowlands, club committee member, said: “If you throw away heritage, what is the point of anything? Architect Edwin Cooper and old borough engineer Harry Smith would be shocked.”

The club is adorned with pennants from dozens of visiting clubs from around the country including Tottenham, Alnwick, Sunderland, Chelmsford and many more.Other South Cliff community groups are also concerned.

Members of the public have expressed shock at the borough council’s planned urbanisation of the area as it offers up the greenery to developers for a pub, hotel and retail that would replace the South Cliff Bowling green and ppen space.

Weaponness Park resident Mick Haigh said: “This plan is a bigger threat than even losing an historic club.

“The council leadership is preparing to destroy more South Cliff heritage. The Filey Road vistas, fine buildings and open spaces are jewels. Residents were promised that the council would conserve the setting that borough engineer Harry Smith created over 100 years ago. After the 2011 consultation, planners agreed that only low-key development that retained the sylvan setting would be permitted. We must make sure planners do not bring short-term financial gain in return for losing assets that most towns dream of having.”

Another resident Linda Marshall, of Weaponness Park, wrote to The Scarborough News to say that the borough council was promoting a biaesd picture of the bowling club’s situation – misleading implying that its number when dwindling when the opposite was true.

She said: “The council comments made it appear that the land was derelict, not used, and of no value to the community.

“On the contrary, the club is used and enjoyed on a daily basis by all spectrums of the community which the council says is a top priority in their green audit.

“Weaponness is rated as “low” for green areas in this audit yet the council want to dispose of this land?

“In the Scarborough plan for 2017 the council pledge to protect their green open space. “

She added: “Councillors should be looking after the benefits for the people and not the developers.”


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