Calls for David Attenborough!

OWNERS of a Barrowcliff eyesore could be forced to clear it up after councillors granted an extension to a planning permission time limit for the site.

Developers were originally granted permission to build a care home for the elderly on the site of the former Barrowcliff Hotel in June 2008 but the project has yet to begin – the pub was demolished in 2008.

Cllr Bill Chatt, a Woodlands ward councillor, was at the meeting of Scarborough Council’s planning and development committee and said that, while he did not oppose the scheme, the site was being allowed to deteriorate and become overgrown.

He said: “I am concerned that someone is going to get hurt there.

“The site hasn’t been maintained at all since 2008. The site needs tidying up.

“The best person to get in there would be David Attenborough because it looks like a nature reserve.”

Jill Low, the council’s planning manager, said she was unsure if a condition to maintain the site could be imposed on the developers. She said: “We can speak to the developers and the owners to see if we can get them to tidy it up.”

When members were shown photographs of the overgrown site Cllr John Flinton said: “It’s like a bomb site.”

Cllr David Billing said he accepted that they could not refuse planning permission but asked whether there was any way to limit the length of the extension.

Mrs Low said: “We could put a restriction to just one year but the developers would be able to appeal against the decision.”

Cllr Chatt urged officers to meet with the developer as soon as possible so action could be taken to tidy it.

A similar scheme was halted at the beginning of last year following the collapse of Malton-based builders Redworth Construction.

The latest application was submitted by RDM Ltd and the proposed care home is likely to create 15 full-time and 15 part-time jobs, requiring staffing cover 24 hours a day.

Members voted to approve the extension of the planning time limit.