Calls for Scarborough businesses to help clean gull mess

File picture: Gull mess in Scarborough
File picture: Gull mess in Scarborough

A councillor has asked businesses to do their part to keep a seaside town looking its best.

Scarborough Borough councillor, Bill Chatt, told the meeting of the authority’s cabinet that he had received complaints from the public about the state of pavements and buildings in the town centre.

He said the cause was “seagull droppings” and the lack of rain to wash it away.

He added: “We have seen an extended dry period in the town but people have got to realise that the council is not responsible for every building or shop in this area.”

The independent cabinet member said the landlords should be responsible for putting up gull deterrents, such as netting, to help address the issue.

Cllr Chatt added: “We can clean up the mess that happens on the street but we have limited resources.

“I’m just saying to people out there that it’s not all the council’s responsibility. If we all do our bit then things will get better but you can’t just expect the council to be out there every day cleaning the mess, especially when we’ve had such a dry period.”

Gulls have been a major headache for the council, which over the last two years has spent tens of thousands of pounds on measures to try and move herring gulls from the centre of Whitby and Scarborough.

Eggs have been removed and birds of prey used to try and stop nesting.