Campus admissions have fallen slightly - Uni

Scarborough University Campus..Picture Richard Ponter 133617
Scarborough University Campus..Picture Richard Ponter 133617
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The University of Hull has defended itself from claims that admissions are ‘massively’ down on the previous year after it announced it was ceasing honours degrees at it Scarborough Campus from 2017.

In response to a Scarborough News request the university reveal sed that admissions have fallen by around 30 students compared to last year.

It followed comments made by Scarborough councillor, and local Labour leader, Colin Challen, who said: “I have been told there has been a massive drop in the number of student applications for [the coming] year, which isn’t surprising I suppose.”

Earlier this year the university announced it was scaling back its Scarborough Campus and was actively looking for another university or college to come in and take the campus off its hands.

A number of degrees have moved to the main campus in Hull, which led to concerns in the town that Scarborough could lose its student population.

On Friday last week the university said it had closed the submission process and would now be examining the proposals.

A spokesman for university said: “Potential partners have now been invited to submit formal proposals by September 12.

“Any proposals that come forward will be treated by the University as commercially confidential at this stage.”

Professor Ian Pashby, Pro-Vice-Chancellor for engagement added: “After reviewing any proposals, we are hoping to issue a further update later this month.

“In the meantime, we’re proud that returning and arriving students will get a great welcome to Scarborough as they set out on an excellent student experience.”

Amongst other options being considered by the university are to bring in a college or institution from abroad to run the campus in Scarborough.

It listed the closure of the campus as one potential course of action but said it had been discarded as an option.