Can you give Buster a seaside home?

Buster the dog who is allergic to grass
Buster the dog who is allergic to grass

With its stretches of golden sand and surging surf, Scarborough is the perfect home for Buster – because he is allergic to grass.

The condition, known as an atopy, is similar to hayfever and is permanent, requiring treatment and managing.

The seven-year-old cross-breed is being looked after by the Dogs Trust in Darlington, County Durham, until he finds a new owner.

Canine carer Gemma Thornton said: “He enjoys chasing a ball into the sea, even when the weather is cold.

“He loves to roll around and really scratch his back in the sand but his favourite game is to be chased whilst he runs with seaweed in his mouth.

Buster, who is house-trained and a friendly dog, is on part-foster which means the cost of treatment for his allergies will be covered by Dogs Trust.

“He has made plenty of friends here and will be greatly missed when he finds the loving home he deserves,” said Gemma.