Careers in offshore and potash mining

SCARBOROUGH Council will be hosting a special event to raise awareness of the potential for thousands of new jobs in two industries that are set to transform the future economy of the coastal area.

It will give schools professionals, colleges, universities, careers services and other training providers an insight into the skills needed for young people to tap into a career in the offshore wind and potash industries.

The event, which will take place from 9.30am until 3pm on Thursday November 3 at Sneaton Castle in Whitby, is aimed at education providers across North and East Yorkshire.

Speakers will include representatives from The Crown Estate, Forewind (develop of wind farm at Dogger Bank), Mainstream Renewable Power (develop of windfarm at Hornsea), York Potash and National Skills Academy for Power.

Matthew Parsons, the council’s regeneration officer, has spoken of the benefits of attending the day.

He said: “This event is a must for education providers across the region wanting an insight into the opportunities these two industries can bring and the skills their students will need for successful careers right on their doorstep.”

For further details about the free event and to book a place, contact Kerry Levitt no later than Thursday October 27.

She can be contacted by emailing or calling (01723) 232325.