Caring for those with cancer for 20 years

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Two of Scarborough Hospital’s Macmillan nurses are this year celebrating 20 years of service in caring for those with cancer.

Christine Wilson, who is a palliative care nurse, and Sue Baker, a breast care nurse, became Macmillan nurses in 1993.

Sue started work at Scarborough Hospital in 1970. In 1976 she went onto work at the Belvedere Hospital and in 1993 returned to Scarborough Hospital as the Macmillan breast care nurse.

Over the past 20 years Sue has set up the Breast Care Service at Scarborough Hospital. She has delivered and supported thousands of patients through their fears and anxieties and provided support and education for ward staff.

She also set up “Friday Friends”, the local breast care support group.

Christine first came to Scarborough Hospital in 1977 as a Sister on the Duchess of Kent Ward.

Following a maternity and career break she returned to Scarborough Hospital in 1989 as a part time staff nurse. In 1993 she became the hospital’s Macmillan palliative care nurse

Christine set up the Palliative Care Service at Scarborough Hospital. Palliative care provides psychological, social and spiritual support, with the goal of achieving the best quality of life for patients and their families and carers. In her role Christine set up the Liverpool Care Pathway at Scarborough Hospital. Working with the national team to improve the care and delivery at end of life, she has provided palliative care education for staff as well as linking up with Teesside University. She has also worked in close partnership with St Catherine’s Hospice and she is currently leading on the end of life care initiative to increase to knowledge of end of life care across Scarborough and Bridlington Hospitals.

Lorraine McDonald, Macmillan development manager for North Yorkshire, said: “Macmillan Cancer Support is proud to be associated with Macmillan professionals who are dedicated to improving the experience of patients who are diagnosed with cancer. We thank Christine and Sue for their hard work and dedication.”