Caring teens walk in memory of mother

Louis and Millie Mancrief with their auntie, Nettie Fawley
Louis and Millie Mancrief with their auntie, Nettie Fawley

Two caring teenagers will be striding out in memory of the mum they lost to cancer when they take part in Saint Catherine’s Starlight Walk.

Seventeen-year-old Louis Mancrief and his 13-year-old sister, Millie, will be joined by lots of friends and family when they take part in the walk to help the hospice where their mum Jane died just six months ago.

Jane Mancrief

Jane Mancrief

Jane’s sister, Nettie Fawley, said they were determined to join in with the fun of the event as Jane would have wanted.

“Jane always said that if we were doing any fundraising, it should be for the hospice,” Nettie said.

“But she’d want us to enjoy the night. She’d tell you off if she ever saw you crying.”

The family have already done lots of fundraising for Saint Catherine’s since losing Jane, who was only 44 when she lost her cancer fight.

Within weeks of his mum’s death, Louis organised his own fundraising event, a charity football match, and raised £644 for patient care.

The family also ran a charity night at the Tap and Spile and Nettie ran a cake morning in East Ayton.

Now they are urging other people to sign up for the Starlight Walk after seeing the difference Saint Catherine’s can make to families in crisis.

Jane had spells in the hospice for respite care and Nettie said the help provided had a big impact on the family.

“Saint Catherine’s is a fantastic place and we’re so lucky to have it,” she said.

“It touched the hearts of all of us.”

Lots of family members will be doing the Starlight Walk including Nettie’s daughter, Emma, 13, and the children’s other cousin, 11-year-old Eden Sellers. They would welcome more of Jane’s friends to join them.

Hundreds of people have already signed up to do the 6.5-mile seafront walk which leaves the hospice at 10pm on September 12.

Registration in advance is essential.

Adults pay a £12.50 entry fee, including a free T-shirt, and accompanied children go free for the first time but can buy a T shirt for £3.

This year’s walk has a Hall of Fame theme and people have the option of taking part dressed as a star of stage, screen, sport, music or history.

To register, call (01723) 378406 or visit www.starlightwalk.co.uk

The Mancrief family can be sponsored via their JustGiving page at https://www.justgiving.com/Starlight-Walk-In-memory-of-Jane-Mancrief.