Cars and homes targeted in Scarborough graffiti spree

The letters KSW and ZELK have been written on cars and homes
The letters KSW and ZELK have been written on cars and homes

A spate of graffiti on vehicles and homes in Scarborough has sparked a police search to identify the culprits.

The wave of incidents has seen residents’ cars, properties and street furniture targeted with the tags “KSW” or “ZELK” written in marker pen.

Incidents took place on Coldyhill Lane

Incidents took place on Coldyhill Lane

One pensioner told The Scarborough News that she has been struggling to sleep after her the bonnet of her white Mini was one of many to fall victim to the spree. The Coldyhill Lane resident, whose car was one of 12 attacked on the road, said: “I woke up on Sunday morning to it and I was shocked and upset.

“I am really worried because the culprits have walked down my drive to get to the car. I did not sleep at all on Sunday and have had little sleep since because I am concerned that they will come back.”

Vandals also had black and white marker pens to showcase their tags depending on the background they were scribbling on.

Luck had it that a friend of the resident was able to remove the writing without any damage to her vehicle, but other residents may not be so fortunate.

The Coldyhill Lane resident said: “If my friend hadn’t done the repair, then I would have gone to the Mini garage which could have cost me a lot out of my own pocket.

“It does make you feel anxious and you shouldn’t feel like that in your own home. Whoever is responsible needs to be stopped before they do it again.”

Other streets believed to have been targeted include Scalby Road and St Martin’s Road.

A North Yorkshire County Council Highways Maintenance vehicle also had “KSW” scrawled over the bonnet .

North Yorkshire Police are appealing to the public for information in relation to the graffiti and the owners of the “KSW” and “ZELK” tags.

A police spokesman said: “Overnight between the February 18 and 19 February, a number of vehicles, properties and street furniture have been damaged.

“If you saw or heard anything suspicious or know anyone who may use the tags “KSW” or “ZELK” please get in touch with North Yorkshire Police. Please call us on 101 quoting: NYP-19022017-0134.”