Cash for probe into Spa landslip

THREE quarters of the money set aside to pay for the repair of damage caused by a landslide behind the Spa Complex last year will be paid to a specialist consultant if council chiefs give the go-ahead today.

A report by Scarborough Council’s head of technical services, John Riby, says only 24,388.11 will be left of the original 100,000 allocated for the work after the landslip was discovered by a member of the public in November last year.

The landslip was caused by a damaged water main which supplied the Spa from a Yorkshire Water main located beneath Esplanade. The water supply was turned off and a temporary supply was installed to maintain a water supply to the Spa.

Bosses at Yorkshire Water confirmed that the water pipe which burst part way down the coastal slope is a private supply and responsibility for its maintenance rests with the council.

Mr Riby said: “At present the extent and cost of the remedial reinstatement works is relatively unknown and will remain uncertain until the ground investigation is carried out, a reinstatement scheme designed and competitive tenders obtained for the actual cost of the works.”

However the process of getting a company to do the work is taking longer than usual and when the council asked firms working on its coastal defences to submit bids for the work in March, none replied.

The firms involved said they were too busy and did not have the capacity to take on extra work and one of the companies said they didn’t think the council had allocated enough cash to repair the landslip.

When the council decided to advertise more widely, 20 firms said they were interested in doing the work but only five returned bids by the closing date in May.

A firm called URS Corporation said they can do the investigation work and fully design, procure, project manage and supervise the reinstatement works for 75,611.89 but the actual cost of the repairs will cost a lot more.

Mr Riby says while the investigation work takes place, the council would try to identify where the additional money to carry out the repairs is going to be found.