Castle set for a real spectacle

Scarborough Castle
Scarborough Castle

A LARGE beacon at Scarborough’s historic Castle – to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee as part of a relay around the British Isles – could be ignited by a bank of hot air balloon burners, it has been revealed.

Cllr Janet Jefferson said she was told of the idea, after it was spotted on an American video on the internet, and she has promised to ask if it would be possible.

Last it was reported that council chiefs were considering projecting lasers onto the castle to make it appear as if it was on fire instead of a traditional beacon.

She added: “In theory it sounds very good – as long as we don’t set the castle alight. I will ask the question to see what we are going to do about a beacon. It’s one of the most prominent places in Scarborough. I will take it forward to see if feasibly it is possible.”

The beacon relay is due to take place on Monday June 4.

Under the latest proposal several balloon burners would be used to ignite a bonfire within the castle grounds as part of the line of sight relay which would use a total of 2,012 beacons along the route.

As reported English Heritage had previously scrapped plans to physically light the beacon at the castle because it was felt that it would not be visible because it would be too small.

Under the earlier hi-tech proposal lasers would project enormous flames on to the castle walls as part of the town’s celebrations as part of celebrations to mark Queen Elizabeth’s 60-year reign.

It is understood that the display would see fire engulf the castle and as the flames subsided, images of the Queen would then be projected from the historic landmark.

Council officials are hoping that the proposed beacon or laser show will be one of several events over the course of the day including street parties in an attempt to replicate the mood of the silver jubilee in 1977.