Cayton drainage plan rejected for second time by councillors

West Garth residents against housing development on this land
West Garth residents against housing development on this land

Councillors have once again rejected a proposed drainage scheme for a Cayton housing development despite it being recommended for approval.

The decision was taken by members of Scarborough Council’s Planning Committee after residents and members of the parish council raised concerns over potential flood risk.

It was identical to a previous application – developers had supplied extra technical specifications – and it had been supported by outside bodies including Yorkshire Water and the Environment Agency.

Tim Driver, the council’s planning solicitor, warned members that they should reach their decision with no predetermination – to be seen as having a closed mind.

He said: “If a member has a closed mind any decision can be overturned. I ask any member to examine their conscience as to whether they’ve a closed mind.”

Jason McKellar, a civil engineer speaking on behalf of developer Barratt Homes, said he had 20 years’ experience in the industry, said the proposed scheme had been designed to national standards. “The site isn’t in the flood plain. The design will ensure that the current rate of run-off will be maintained.”

However a spokesman for local residents opposed to the development said that sewage had discharged several times during the past month during periods of rainfall.

The plan for the 162-home development on land south of West Garth used underground storage for surface water to be released at a controlled rate.

Cllr Simon Green proposed that it was rejected because it was identical to the previous scheme – six voted to reject it, three in favour, with two abstentions.