Celebration of 60 years

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TWO Scarborough cricket fans who are still bowled over with each other after 60 years of marriage are celebrating their Diamond Wedding anniversary.

Bernard and Ida Hodgson, of Clark Street, were married 60 years ago today at St Mary’s Church in Horsforth, Leeds.

They met when they were both working at a mill in Farsley, near Pudsey, and were engaged for 18 months.

Mr Hodgson then got a job at the Yorkshire Post in the print room and Ida was working as a school cook.

They had their daughter, Janet, while on holiday in Scarborough as she was 10 weeks early.

Mrs Hodgson said: “Ever since I was a child I was brought here by my parents and grandparents and I always wanted to come and live here.”

Her husband was also particularly keen to make the move due to his love of cricket. The pair are life members of Scarborough Cricket Club and have been regulars at the cricket festival.

The couple moved to Scarborough in 1985 and lived in Sandringham Street for 22 years before moving to their current home – both addresses within a stone’s throw of the cricket ground in North Marine Road.

Mr Hodgson, 83, said: “I’ve been going there well over 60 years. I played sports when I was younger and I’ve always been a keen spectator.”

His wife would often go with him to rugby and cricket and would help with the scoring.

When Mr Hodgson was younger he would also accompany his dad to matches as he did sports reports for the Yorkshire Post. His father worked there for 50 years, mainly in the reading room, and Mr Hodgson notched up 36 years himself until he retired.

In their free time, Mr and Mrs Hodgson have also always enjoyed walking and going to church.

Mrs Hodgson said the key to their long and happy relationship has been always helping each other.

She added: “We have our ups and downs like everyone, but we’ve always done things together.”

To celebrate their Diamond Wedding the couple have been to the Lake District and will be having a party today.