Centenary tribute to a famous Scarborian

HAS Eric Fenby's centenary gone unrecognised? One of Scarborough's most famous sons remembered for his work as amanuensis to the blind and paralysed composer Frederick Delius (also a Yorkshire man).

Eric Fenby is still fondly remembered locally as the talented, self-effacing music teacher willingly to give his time unstintingly.

From a passionately musical family background and Holy Trinity choir boy he became a teenage church and cinema organist playing at the Futurist.

A budding composer in his own right; he was allowed to conduct the Spa Orchestra in a composition for strings under the watchful eye, ear and approval of Alick MacLean (conductor of the Spa Orchestra from 1912 for 24 successive seasons!)

Compositions of Eric Fenby include, beyond the incredible dedication to the stunning music of Delius, Alfred Hitchcock film scores.

One piece entitled Rossini on Ilkla Moor was inspired by close friend and Scarborough hotelier Tom Laughton.

It was first performed at a Spa Gala concert under Kneal Kelly! Perhaps this work could be resurrected and played once again at the regular Spa concerts.

This seems a fitting tribute and a celebration to the rich and generous nature of one of Scarborough’s own special sons.

Miss JA Strutt

Scalby Road