Chance for you to make the news and write it yourself

Is this newspaper and how it is projected works of art? That is the latest theme of a new exhibition at Scarborough’s Crescent Arts.

The gallery in the Crescent is looking at news posters and how the wording attracts public interest.

Its exhibition of news content bills from The Scarborough News is running from Thursdays to Saturdays until May 18, 11am to 4pm, and admission is free.

The affectionate look at two years of ‘content bills’ has been put together by Crescent Arts artist Karen Thompson. She became interested in the news bills for their potential as vivid ‘word pictures’ such as Latest Victim of Wall of Death (geese deaths at The Sands) and Scarboro Set for Gold Rush (the potash mine investment).

Crescent Arts is running a competition for readers and gallery visitors to create their own news content bills – which are used to summarise a news story in just a few words and which are displayed at newsagents and stores.

As you read this newspaper, look at some of the stories and see if you could summarise them in four lines with no more than seven letters on each line.

If you can come up with a content bill, in the style of the image to the right, send your entries to marked News by 5pm on Tuesday May 14.

You need to choose any story published in The Scarborough News of May 2 or May 9. They can be humorous, intriguing or simple, as long as they capture the story. The style is in capitals, four lines, and no more than seven letters each line, excluding spaces. You can tweet entries at @crescent_arts or

The project ties in with Museums at Night in collaboration with Scarborough Art Gallery. Everyone is welcome to come to the Museums at Night free event on May 17 from 6pm at Scarborough Art Gallery.