Charities get helping hand from lottery

Scarborough charities have received a funding boost to help improve mental health and wellbeing, promote active lifestyles and encourage healthy eating

Ten groups from North Yorkshire have been awarded funding using money raised by HealthLevel Community Interest Company through The Health Lottery.

Scarborough’s Old Town Cooking Group received £9,923 toward the Cook Well project.

This is aimed at helping parents cook cheap, healthy and nutritious meals for their families; improve the diets of local families so that they eat less sugar, fat and salt and more fresh fruit and vegetables; reduce social isolation by providing an opportunity for parents to socialise and learn from each other and give parents the confidence to do more training and get involved with other healthy activities.

Initially the project will provide one group of 10-12 parents with weekly, half-day cooking sessions.

After five months they will increase provision to two groups, thereby benefiting a total of 24 parents.

They also expect 35 children to benefit via the involvement of their parents.

Also to benefit was Castle Community Network, which received £9,017.

Over 39 weeks, the Growing Opportunities project will work with landowners, local residents, community groups, volunteers and experienced growers to develop unused land for sustainable food-growing within Castle Ward.

The project is aimed at supporting residents to develop food-growing skills, to promote healthy eating and encourage social contact.

This funding is open to small charities or groups working in local communities to take action to help people live longer, healthier lives.