Charity toddle a success

Bunny Ears toddle
Bunny Ears toddle
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ANYONE taking a stroll along Scarborough’s south bay beach recently needn’t worry if they encountered lions or bears on their route.

For the wild bears were merely just toddlers, who had dressed up to take part in the Barnardo’s toddle.

Along with parents, they toddled up and down the beach for the sponsored walk, before being awarded medals and stickers supplied by the charity.

All together, the walk raised £170 for Barnardo’s and Heidi Yorke, who works as a child minder for the toddlers and helped organise the walk, is absolutely thrilled at its success.

“It was superb seeing all the kids dressed up like animals, and they loved every second of it.

“I just want to thank all the parents who helped raise they money. People have really made the effort and the kids have done their bit too.”