Cheers for common sense

Boos rang out across the Town Hall when Cllr Eric Broadbent said this result on NOT moving the Town Hall out of town was a “U-turn” but boos should have been cheers for common sense.

Cllr Mortimer said this is not a U-turn due to the fact it had never been voted on. That may be true Cllr Mortimer but we Council Tax payers were never asked if we would like Scarborough Town Hall to move from St Nicholas Street in the first place.

In this time of austerity the move would have been a bad choice anyway regardless, the cost would have been massive. Yes, the Town Hall needs money spending on it ... my house does, come to that. Jobs will get done but not overnight, and if monies were found for the Spa complex I am sure the same will happen to revamp OUR Town Hall.

Finally, to all at the Scarborough Borough Council, please listen to us the tenants and residents of the borough more, life would be more bearable. Thank you.

John Large

Shire Croft