Chimney blast man recovering

Craig Bland
Craig Bland

A MAN seriously injured in a chimney explosion near Scarborough has undergone major surgery to save his leg.

Craig Bland, 27, suffered a shattered left knee when a chimney exploded at a property in Sherburn last week.

Mr Bland, a self-employed tiler, was thrown across the room from the force of the blast.

He was rushed to James Cook Hospital, in Middlesbrough, where surgeons have carried reconstructive surgery on his leg in four separate operations.

They have had to remove his kneecap and insert metal rods into his leg to repair badly damaged bones.

He is now recovering and hopeful of being moved closer to home in a Leeds hospital in the coming weeks.

Fire crews believe the blast, at a property in Sycamore Grove, may have been caused by an exploding back boiler.

Marc Warren, temporary group manager for Scarborough Fire and Rescue, said the outcome could have been even worse for Mr Bland.

He added: “The wall had just disintegrated and we were concerned the house could fall in because of its stability.”