Church repairs progress well

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INTRICATE repairs to Victorian windows damaged in a £10,000 vandal attack on a Filey church are progressing well.

Eight windows at St Oswald’s Church, in Church Hill, were smashed last year ruining a number of treasured historic images.

Two youths have been arrested and bailed by police over the damage.

Valerie Green, from the Stained Glass Centre, in Cayton, is painstakingly restoring the windows and said progress was going well.

She said: “We have spent two weeks putting all the bits of glass back together to get an idea of the design and had to bring in the new glass from Germany to match the original.

“So far we’ve managed to get quite a bit done with one of the windows, which was by Herbert Bryans.

“This one was the worst affected and had two panels damaged, but we have painted one of them now and are working on the second one.

“We have already replaced the kitchen and porch windows that were broken, they didn’t have painting on them and were just glass and lead which can be fixed more quickly.

“It is a long process and one that can’t be rushed because each piece of glass has to be fired five times.”

Margaret Rowling, a member of the parochial church council, visited the centre with fellow council members Edmund and Pauline Crawford and church wardens Peter and Dorothy Thompson to see the windows being restored.

She said: “It was fantastic to see what they have done because we had no idea just how much work goes into repairing stained glass.

“It was good to see the work in progress and the whole incident has really brought the community together.”

She added Mr Crawford had just completed taking photographs of the windows for the council when the vandals struck, and revealed experts were now using them to get an idea of the original designs in their restoration.