Circus goers evacuated as performer falls during Wheel of Death act

Circus goers in Scarborough have been evacuated following an accident during one of the show's most dangerous acts.

Tuesday, 28th August 2018, 9:41 am
Updated Tuesday, 28th August 2018, 10:01 am
Performers from Planet Circus OMG

Spectators at Sunday's Planet Circus OMG performance had to leave the Big Top after one of the performers fell from the Wheel of Death and landed on his head and neck.

Ambulance and first aid crew arrived at the scene and took the performer to hospital in Hull where he now remains in a stable condition.

Mark Whitney, producer and director at Planet Circus OMG, said: "I can't thank enough the medical staff and all the people who got in touch to express their support. My phone hasn't stopped ringing since Sunday.

"Sunday's accident affected us all very deeply. We're a family here and and although it's a business, everyone means a lot to us. It's a very sad way to end the summer season here in Scarborough but the audience still left happy and our performer is in good spirits.

"Circus life in its nature is incredibly dangerous, our circus is based on extreme acts and unfortunately, accidents do happen. We never take it for granted even though we train as hard as we can."

Monday's performance, the last one in Scarborough for this year's tour, went ahead as planned and future shows in the circus' calendar remain unaffected.

Mark said: "We continue all the way until Christmas and we're in Harrogate next.

"The show must go on. Even when these accidents happen you can't stop, you have to find the courage to go back up there."