Civic society moves to list historic gardens

St Nicholas Gardens View. r ponter 143212
St Nicholas Gardens View. r ponter 143212

The civic society is the latest group to launch a bid to try to halt the possible demolition of the Futurist Theatre.

Scarborough and District Civic Society has submitted a request for St Nicholas Gardens to be included in English Heritage’s Register of Historic Parks and Gardens.

It hopes that it will stop the in-principle plans to demolish the theatre and replace it with a magic cave-themed attraction with rollercoaster and botanical gardens.

As part of the plans part of St Nicholas Gardens will be taken by the developer as part of the replacement for the theatre.

It is this part of the proposal to which the civic society objects.

In its submission to English Heritage the group’s acting secretary Adrian Perry, states: “Scarborough Borough Council [is] trying to get a developer to commit to take the Futurist Theatre.

“In the Development Brief (dated 2012) for the site they indicated that the developer could possibly take adjacent land which is in St Nicholas Gardens.

“The Civic Society objected to this idea but was told that we would be able to object if and when a development proceeded. However now they have in principle agreed to accept a proposal for the development of the Futurist with a much larger section of St Nicholas Gardens than previously indicated. It is aware that this will be subject to public consultation however, [it has] a poor record of taking any public comment into consideration so it is likely that they would dispose of an important section of this wonderful heritage asset. The council is so focused on the short term objective of developing the Futurist site that [it is] not a reliable guardian of this heritage asset.”

Entry on to the register, according to English Heritage, ‘makes the effect of proposed development on the sites and their settings a material consideration’, this means councillors would have to take it into account when a decision is made.

Scarborough Council declined to comment.