Claim is driving man potty

John Anderson waiting for the Council to pay up on his insurance claim. NBFP PA1349-4b
John Anderson waiting for the Council to pay up on his insurance claim. NBFP PA1349-4b
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A pensioner has spoken of his frustration at waiting nearly a year for an insurance claim to be settled after his tyres were blown out driving over potholes.

John Anderson, 85, was visiting his wife at Scarborough Hospital when his car hit deep potholes just outside Seamer, on December 23 last year.

But now solicitors for North Yorkshire County Council say that they cannot proceed with Mr Anderson’s claim, because he cannot tell them the exact location where the incident took place.

He says that it was impossible for him to stop and make an exact note of the location due to the seriousness of the situation in which he found himself.

“It was dark, the weather was bad, it was a narrow road, I was coming up to a blind summit and there was nowhere to pull over.

“It would have been dangerous to try.

“Both of my near side tyres blew out, and I just managed to get down the road to the Mitsubishi garage in Seamer for them to help me,” said Mr Anderson, of West Crayke, Bridlington.

Staff at the garage, just about to leave for the evening, drove Mr Anderson back to Bridlington and he sent his Bentley car to Leeds for repairs which cost hundreds of pounds.

But now he has received a letter from solicitors Cunningham Lindsay, representing the county council, which says that as he cannot provide an ‘annotated map/detailed sketch/photographs of the site’ they cannot proceed with the claim.

“I have told them where the incident took place, and explained the circumstances. I have arthritis and I cannot visit the site and get out and take photographs or draw them a map. I just wish they would see common sense,” continued Mr Anderson.

“I cannot thank the staff of the garage enough for the help they gave me.

“They remember me going in as they said they didn’t see a Bentley every day, and they know exactly what had happened to my car.”

A spokesman for the authority said that it could not comment on individual cases.