Clean up your mess, dog walkers urged

dogram'Posters for campaign against dogs fouling on playing fields
dogram'Posters for campaign against dogs fouling on playing fields

IT’S a messy problem putting the health of keen footballers and rugby players at risk.

Now a national poster campaign has been launched backed by local sports clubs calling on dog owners to clean up after their pets on playing fields.

Dog owners are being urged not to let their pets roam free and carry a plastic bag to pick up mess.

Gosforth Fields Sports Association in Dronfield Woodhouse, is so fed up of the problem it is considering using CCTV to monitor the fields for offenders and prosecute them.

Spokesman, Gareth Kent-McAuliffe, said: “Here at Gosforth Fields we have 26 acres of sports fields which are currently used every Saturday and Sunday for football and rugby.

“Over the last nine years we have created a very pleasant and well-maintained facility in Dronfield, something that we have become very proud of.

“But is also becoming apparent it is a very nice place for people to come and exercise their animals.”

Gareth added: “People now meet in groups and walk their animals together. The problem is those who don’t pay attention to their dogs and let them roam freely, depositing their foul mess.

“We are fed up of complaints coming from people having to clear up before kick off.”

As well as backing the poster campaign, the club is erecting signs asking owners to only exercise their dogs on leads, keep off marked playing areas and tidy their mess.

Gareth said: “If we find there has been little or no improvement, this site has a very wide-ranging CCTV system. Anyone found ignoring the request will be pursued for prosecution.”