Clouds to blame for no flypast

Residents in Bridlington and Scarborough were left disappointed after the spitefires changed course
Residents in Bridlington and Scarborough were left disappointed after the spitefires changed course

Organisers say poor weather conditions were to blame for Bridlington and Scarborough missing out on a Spitfire flypast.

Many had waited over an hour for a glimpse of planes for the 75th anniversary of Adlertag, the start of the German Luftwaffe’s attempt to destroy the RAF.

While many thousands of people were able to see the Spitfires, weather conditions on the day meant flying over Bridlington and Scarborough would have posed a safety risk.

A spokesperson said: “We know that a number of people were disappointed, the published programme was very much dependent on weather conditions on the day and consequently subject to change; the key factor being cloudbase, that is the height of the clouds above the ground.

“The Officer Commanding the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, Squadron Leader Duncan Mason, led the formation that was due to fly up the coast to Scarborough. During the flight he encountered cloud as low as 500 feet in places which prevented him from completing the trip as planned.”

The decision meant both Bridlington and Scarborough missed their chance to see the Spitfires.

The spokesperson added: “Disappointed but determined to complete the route in order to enable as many people as possible to see the Spitfires, Squadron Leader Mason re-routed, via Leeming to Maltby in order to approach Scarborough from a different direction.

“Once again the low level cloud prevented this from happening.

“Civil Aviation Authority regulations prevent flying over congested areas if the cloudbase does not meet or exceed minimum criteria, which was the case yesterday. In addition, the Spitfires are not permitted to fly in cloud.”

Disappointed residents took to social media to voice their disappointment after many waited more than an hour with their families to see the planes.

Squadron leader Mason said although he was disappointed Bridlington and Scarborough missed out, safety concerns will always take priority.

“Safety is paramount and the low cloud compromised my ability fly the route as planned, which was very disappointing,” he said.

Squadron Leader Martin Morris added: “We are humbled by the level of interest in the Flypast and very disappointed that not everyone was able to see the Spitfires. Please keep an eye on our website for information about future flying events and thank you for your understanding and continued support.”