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Scarborough and District Bridge Club results.

Monday April 29 (afternoon session). 1 Mrs P Cooper, Miss A Thornton 75.24%; 2 Mrs M Priestley, Mrs J Nutt 62.86%; 3 Mrs J North, Mrs A Potter 57.5%.

Monday April 29. 1 Mrs M Ingham, Mrs P Cooper 70.74%; 2 Miss A Thornton, D Shaw 58.15%; 3 Mrs M Gerrard, Mrs J Farry 55.19%.

Wednesday May 1 (morning session). N/S 1 Miss H Meadley, Mrs M Lywood 58.75%; 2 A Howson, Mrs E Ricketts 56.88%; 3 R Sellers, D Shaw 56.13%. E/W 1 Mrs S Carney, Mrs K Rooke 62.86%; 2 Mrs A Jarmy, Mrs W Webster 61.31%; 3 Mrs R Gledhill, Miss M Hall 58.21%.

Thursday May 2. 1 Mrs G Clegg, M Hurley 60.49%; 2 Mrs E Ricketts, Miss A Thornton 57.87%; 3 Mrs B Carrington, Mrs P Woodley 56.25%.

Friday May 3. 1 Mrs J North, B Swalwell 67.36%; 2 B Brown, I Newman 54.86%; 3 R Thompson, P Clark 51.39%.

Monday May 6 (afternoon session). 1 Mrs P Cooper, Mrs P Armstrong 63.89%; 2= Mrs J North, Mrs A Potter and Mrs A Jarmy, Mrs A Garside 58.33%.

Monday May 6 (The Ingrid Flute Memorial Teams). 1 B Brown, G Ashmore, A Stott, Mrs E Ricketts +42; 2 P Clark, C Fallows, Mrs M Angell, Mrs E Hodson +29.

Wednesday May 8 (morning session). N/S 1 Mrs J Matthews, M Foggin 72.02%; 2 Mrs E Milnes, Mrs F Snee 67.26%; 3 D Shaw, R Sellers 53.57%. E/W 1 Mrs A Jarmy, Mrs P MacFie 69.64%; 2 Mrs C Donnelly, J Dobinson 58.33%; 3 Mrs J Edmondson, Mrs S Thorpe 56.55%.

Thursday May 9 (EBU Spring Simultaneous Pairs). 1 Mrs P MacFie, Mrs M Ingham 60.5%; 2 Mrs B Carrington, Mrs P Woodley 59.78%; 3 Mr & Mrs J Angell 55.34%.

Friday May 10. N/S 1= A Stott, Mrs P Watson and M Carlile, Mrs M Ingham 54.76%; 3 Mrs B Rose, Mrs J Edmondson 51.19%. E/W 1 Mrs P MacFie, P Morris 56.85%; 2= D Lewis, P Franks and R Thompson, P Clark 55.36%.

Support group

Centre’s history

At the Scarborough Heart to Heart Cardiac Support Group Chris Wilby and Steve Marsh from the YMCA Leisure Centre gave a most interesting talk about the history and present running of the centre to 24 members on May 7.

The next group luncheon will be at the Downe Arms, Wykeham on May 29, and then at the Three Jolly Sailors, Burniston, on June 19. An outing to visit the York Chocolate Story will leave the railway station at 8.45am on May 22 returning from York at 4pm.

Following three more weekly country dance classes, the group exercise sessions will then be t’ai chi on Thursday afternoons for six weeks. Anyone is welcome to join the classes from 2-3pm in the Scout premises on Beaconsfield Street.

A tombola table will be booked again for the Community Fair in Westborough on August 17.

A committee meeting will be held at 97 Peasholm Drive on May 20 at 2pm.

The meeting on June 4 in the Post-graduate Centre will have a speaker from the Cambridge Centre to talk about substance abuse.

Older people’s forum

Annual meeting

The next meeting of the Scarborough and District Older People’s Forum will be held on Wednesday May 22 at 2pm in Westborough Church Hall.

This will be the annual meeting, old and new members are welcome. After the meeting there will be a talk by Anita Cassidy about the Scarborough Workhouse.

The meeting held on April 17 was attended by over 70 members and visitors were given a talk on the work that Shelagh Marshall does as a county councillor and North Yorkshire Older People’s Champion, who stayed on to listen to individual members’ issues, while refreshments were served.

For further details contact Alan Stewart on (01723) 376169.

Probus club

Chairman welcomed

Scarborough Probus Club welcomed new chairman Malcolm Smith to office on May 7.

The guest speaker was Dr Philip Wheeler of Hull University, Scarborough Campus, who is head of the ecology department. He gave a fascinating talk about the way the world’s ecology impinged on us all, from the food supply for mankind down to every feature of everyday life.

The next meeting on May 21 will feature Patrick Argent giving a talk on wartime posters, many of these highly collectable now. As always, we welcome any retired gentleman who may want to visit us to see what takes place, our meetings take place on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 10am for 10.30am at the Friends Meeting House near the hospital, all welcome.

Flower club

Demonstration invite

Scarborough Flower Club invites everyone to a demonstration entitled Coast to Coast by Audrey Foster, of Whitby, on Wednesday May 21 at 7.30pm at Scarborough Library, Vernon Road. There will be a raffle and refreshments, guests £5.

NHS Fellowship

Annual meeting

The Scarborough branch of the NHS Retirement Fellowship held its annual meeting at Plaxton Court. We had an excellent lunch at Plaxton Court.

After a vote of thanks by North East Development Officer to the outgoing chairman and committee members, a new committee was voted upon. It was agreed that our monthly social lunch should continue on a Sunday with the venues to be advised, the next Sunday lunch will be May 19 again at Plaxton Court for 12.30pm.

The NE Development Officer and the group welcomed a new female member and noted we have two more new members.

We spoke about the perception that people have that they must be retired before they can join the group – anyone who is thinking of retirement (and who doesn’t from time to time) can join our group.

Central office is running a photography competition ‘Joy of Retirement’ and we are hoping to put an entry in of our photograph of members enjoying a game of petanque at Bridlington Petanque Ground. The next challenge for us is a craft competition. Details were given about the National Conference which is in Manchester and asking for delegates to attend together with the regional meeting in Harrogate in July 2013. Our Fellowship booklet gives details of holidays operated by Della Holidays, Portugal in October and other trips at home and overseas. A golf tour returns for a second year and again details are in our Fellowship booklet which is sent to each member on a quarterly basis.

The website gives a lot of information about the NHS Retirement Fellowship. The Scarborough branch can be contacted via or via the New members are most welcome. We look forward to meeting you.