Club safe after new pool payment resolved

Scarborough Indoor Pool, and, inset, where the new swimming pool will be at the towns leisure village
Scarborough Indoor Pool, and, inset, where the new swimming pool will be at the towns leisure village

Swimming clubs have been reassured after fears of a 30% rise in charges for the new swimming pool at Scarborough’s leisure village.

Hundreds of youngsters were set to be affected when chairman and coach of Scarborough Swimming Club, Sam Greetham, said it would be “impossible” to run the club if they had to up their pool hire charges to around £77,000.

The Scarborough club, which has 200 members, currently pays Scarborough Borough Council £45,000 to use the existing pool in Ryndle Crescent.

Sam said: “The club was devastated to learn that when the new management company takes over the pool their annual hire fee is set to rocket by approximately 30% to a whopping £77,280 a year.

“These extortionate charges could will mean that the club will have to increase its fees, reduce the lane hire time and families will be financially penalised, and very quickly the club will not be able to sustain itself.”

He added: “We are desperate to keep the club going but the new hire charges may mean this is impossible.

“Today we still have a duty to our local community bot only to keep our children safe, but also to keep them healthy at a time when obesity and inactivity of our young people presents huge issues.”

Concerns were raised when Sam saw a proposed timetable for the new swimming pool, due to open in June, which enroached on the club’s previous times.

Sam said: “Initially we were told on moving to the new facility, that everything would remain the same in the first 12 months and that any alteration between the users and the management would be negotiated in this period.”

However Sam has now had a positive meeting with a representative from the Weaponness leisure and sports village complex operator Everyone Active in order to resolve the issue.

He said: “It was very worrying as it is a community facility and it would have alienated a lot of people in the town before it even opened. We have agreed for the payment to remain at £45,000 which is obviously pleasing.

"We can now look forward to moving into the facility which should be great for the town. We are already looking at bringing in compeitions to Scarborough that will also mean attracting tourism to the town.”