Coal hump challenge awaits Andy

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Sunset Gym’s very own Andy Walters will be taking part in this years Gawthorpe’s 51st Coal Race on Easter Monday. The race consists of men and women getting from Royal Oak Public House in Ossett to the village green in the shortest possible time whilst carrying a large sack of coal over their shoulders. Men carry 50kg and women carry 20kg. Andy, who will be 50 this year, said, “It’s a fantastic event over there. The villagers come and line up the streets to encourage everyone taking part.”

This isn’t the first time Andy has taken part in the race before but readily admits he was “half-hearted” in those attempts, adding: “This time I’ve been training since Christmas so I’ve had a good 13-14 weeks worth of training.” Andy has researched the times from last year’s race and is hoping to finish in the top five in the Veterans event. He said: “I’m aiming for a time of around 5:20, and according to last year’s race that could be top five or even top three.”

141424a Picture by Neil Silk