Coastguards called out after sea wall incident

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SCARBOROUGH coastguards rushed to the aid of a man who suffered leg and head injuries after jumping over the sea wall onto the rock armour.

The team arrived on scene at 1.30am on Saturday and an ambulance was requested while they recovered the man back onto the footpath.

Station officer Mark Appleby said: “This man had a very lucky escape.

“Having fallen down holes between the rocks he had managed to pull himself up, although he was unable to get back over the sea wall.

“Fortunately it was not high tide which could have put him in further danger.

“I would like to thank the gentleman passing by in his car who was vigilant enough to hear his shout for help, dial 999 and remain on scene – actions which undoubtedly saved the casualty from a long night on the rocks and suffering worse injuries.

“These rocks are slimey and extremely dangerous and have the potential to cause serious or even fatal injuries. On no account should people attempt jumping or walking on them at any time, more so when under the influence of alcohol.”