Cocktail of drugs led to death

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A COCKTAIL of drugs and alcohol in a 35-year-old heroin user’s system ultimately led to his death, a Scarborough inquest heard.

Michael Oakley this week reopened the inquest into the death of Anthony Hainsworth, of Friargate, who was found in a Falsgrave Road flat in April.

Frances Kane told Mr Oakley that Mr Hainsworth had returned to her flat with her son, Patrick Gavin, who had also been a heroin user for a number of years.

She said that she was later woken by her son. She added: “He said ‘ring an ambulance something’s wrong with Tony’. He was kneeling on the floor. Patrick said ‘he’s taken heroin and he’s gone over – maybe he’s gone and overdosed’.”

Mrs Kane said her son tried to resuscitate his friend and she heard Mr Hainsworth gasp and they did not call for an ambulance. She said: “Patrick said he was all right. He just lifted him onto the settee and said ‘he’ll sleep all night’.”

The next day she thought that Mr Hainsworth was still asleep and tried to wake him. She said: “I was shouting ‘Tony Tony’ and he wasn’t answering me. I tried to shake him but he still didn’t move or anything.

“I was in a blind panic. I phoned my sister and she came straight over. We called for an ambulance but I was told he’d died.”

Consultant pathologist Dr Afaf El-Hag said tests were carried out which showed traces of alcohol and heroin, as well as other drugs, and the likely cause of death was as a result of the toxicity. She said: “All of thesde drugs are linked together.”

She added that there was internal bleeding as a result of oxygen levels in his blood.

When members of Mr Hainsworth’s family asked whether he could have survived if there had been no delay in calling for an ambulance Dr El-Hag said it was difficult to say without seeing the patient.

Sarah Jolly, Mr Hainsworth’s common law wife, said her partner had previously been treated for blood clots and a serious head injury after being hit with an iron bar.

Mr Oakley gave a verdict of death by misadventure and said the cause of death had been due to the multiple drugs in the former process worker’s system.