Collection for victims of disasters

SCARBOROUGH Lions are hopping for a roaring success as they launch their latest fundraiser in aid of the recent natural disasters.

The group, which is part of Lions Club International, is holding a bucket collection in Westborough on tomorrow in support of the victims of the major disasters that have struck in Japan, New Zealand and Australia recently.

On hand to help with the collection will be a giant Lion and a white rabbit.

All the money raised tomorrow will be passed on via the organisation’s charitable unit, Lions Club International Foundation, to directly affected areas.

The president of Scarborough Lions Audrey Carey, said; “Withing 24 hours more than £1.75 million worth of major catastrophe grants from central reserves was made available for life saving relief.

“Passing the money we collect this weekend through the foundation, and subsequently through to the Lions Clubs in the disaster areas who will in turn ensure that 100 per cent of the money collected will reach the people and areas most in need.

“If anyone is able to spend a few hours a month helping Scarborough Lions fund raise or helping in one of our local, national and international projects ring 0845 833 9892.”

In the aftermath of the 2006 Tsunami Scarborough Lions collected more than £2,000 on the foreshore during their New Years Day Dip event, which went on to help fund the building of villages and hospitals.