Column: Chance to meet a creature at zoo

Meet a Creature sessions take place in the education centre at Flamingo Land Resort.
Meet a Creature sessions take place in the education centre at Flamingo Land Resort.

Visitors at Flamingo Land Zoo have the opportunity to meet some of the inhabitants in a more hands-on experience when the education centre opens its doors at 3pm every day.

The Meet a Creature experience is one that cannot be missed and provides an opportunity for guests to get up close and personal with animals you wouldn’t otherwise have the chance to. The experience is different every day with a range of animals being shown to the public and is completely free.

The friendly animals that live in the education centre include Jasper the Amel corn snake, Tallulah the Chilean rose tarantula and Freddie the white tree frog, plus many more.

So come along and stroke a snake’s scales, let a giant snail slither on your hands or listen carefully as the Madagascan cockroach hisses. All the animals are used to being handled by both staff members and visitors so are very friendly.

The welfare of animals is a priority at Flamingo Land and the education centre regulates how much each of the animals participate in the Meet a Creature sessions so that the animals do not become distressed.

This means that every session is different and guests staying in the holiday village can attend sessions on different days to see the diverse range of animals.

The education department at Flamingo Land is dedicated to the animals they look after as well as the education of visitors to the park.

Lindsay Taylor and Ashleigh Brown are the education officers who make up the team and between them they have a wealth of knowledge to be shared about all of the animals in the zoo, not just those that live in the education centre.

The ‘Meet a Creature’ sessions are an opportunity to learn about a variety of animals and ask as many questions as you like.

School visits to Flamingo Land are also a great educational opportunity that can include a ‘Meet a Creature’ session.

All schools can ring Flamingo Land to book a fantastic day at the zoo which can include engaging workshops, guided tours of the zoo and the spectacular bird and sea lion shows.