Comedy filmed in Scarboro’ on screen

A COMEDY series which was filmed in Scarborough and Filey earlier this year will be on our screens on Sunday July 24 at 10.25pm.

The series revolves around a small seaside hamlet in the north of England and much of the filming was done on location.

During the series the quirky locals of Sugartown, a fading seaside resort, must fight to save their community when prodigal son, Max, returns with controversial plans for the town’s regeneration.

However there may be surprise help from another new arrival - a spirited young dancer, Carmen, who falls for the town and its resident bad boy, Travis.

In episode one Jason’s surprise engagement party for Emily is derailed by the return of his brother, Max – who wants to redevelop the town - starting with a controversial new nightspot.

But when the locals discover Sugartown once had a proud tradition of dance, they realise they may just have found a way to save their community.

Filming for Sugartown began on January 10 and the 40-strong crew stayed in Filey for the duration of the project.

The area has also attracted interest from a number of other film crews this year.

Nick Crane – the man with the umbrella from “Coast” fame - was filming in town earlier this year.

The new BBC Towns series aims to capture the personality of a different town, its people and its history.