Communities get funding as public cast their votes

Scarborough Sea Cadets
Scarborough Sea Cadets

Scarborough residents have made their choice as to which community groups will get crucial funding this year.

For the third year running the destination of grant funding from the borough council has been chosen by the public.

Over 176 people attended the Voice Your Choice voting event last Wednesday where 16 community groups appealed for a share of a £20,000 pot of funding.

Kerry Lee, community regeneration support officer at the borough council said she was “overwhelmed” by the level of interest from residents, and was especially encouraged by the number of youngsters who attended.

“We are very pleased to support these projects,” she said. “It’s just a shame we couldn’t support everybody.”

Nine projects each got a slice of the Central Urban Area Committee’s funding, with awards from £2,000 to £2,500.

Scarborough Sea Cadets gathered the most votes with their ‘Boating and Sailing for All’ presentation, while YMCA Scarborough, and The Rainbow Centre were among the others to benefit.

Each project held a display about their project and had someone on hand to answer any questions.

The applications were based around the themes of enterprise and innovation, employment and skills and financial inclusion.

Young people aged 11 or over were encouraged to go along and vote, meaning for many it will be their introduction into democracy.

Scarborough (Urban Area) Voice Your Choice 2014 results:

Scarborough Sea Cadets - Boating and Sailing for All (£2,000)

The Rainbow Centre - Making Sense of Money (£2,000)

The Cambridge Centre - Miss Elainey’s (£2,500)

Castle Community Network - Castle Community Crafts (£2,250)

Friends of Dean Road and Manor Road Cemetery - Blooming in the Cemetery (£2,200)

NYCC Youth Support Service - Mosaic Project (£2,500)

YMCA Scarborough - Young People Performing at Their Best (£2,500)

Groundwork North Yorkshire - Gallows Close Centre - Opening Doors (£2,000)

Futureworks NY - Building Futures (£2,050)

Scarborough Maritime Heritage Centre - Centenary of the 1914 Bombardment (£0)

Northside Regeneration Group - Feasibility Study (£0)

The BEACH - Gear Up and Go, with the BEACH (£0)

Create Arts Development Agency - Community Enterpriise Training and Development (£0)

Dean Road Chapel Ltd - Dean Road Chapel Restoration (£0)

North Yorkshire County Council School Library Service - Grub’s Up (£0)

Seachange Community Trust - Health, Wealth and Happiness (£0)