Compass points to showdown over gym report

Compass Gym  pix .Picture Richard Ponter.121345d
Compass Gym pix .Picture Richard Ponter.121345d

The aggrieved owner of Scarborough’s biggest gym is to meet with the top council official to discuss a report that he has branded “flawed”.

Compass Gym boss Nick Ingham will have a showdown with Scarborough Council chief executive Jim Dillon to discuss what he claims are failings in the report assessing gym space in the town.

Previously, Mr Ingham lodged an official complaint against the council over the report, which was carried out by Neil Allen Associates on behalf of the authority.

The Scarborough News understands that cash-strapped Scarborough Council spent in excess of £10,000 on the investigation, and Mr Ingham feels that the council should ask for the report to be done again.

He said: “If you spend that much money in any walk of life, and the work you have paid for has not been carried out properly, then you get them to do it again – it’s simple.

The paper holds significance as it will go before councillors as part of the authority’s plans to build a multi-million pound sporting village at Weaponness.

When contacted, Scarborough Council was unwilling to comment on Mr Ingham’s latest calls.

Previously, Scarborough Council leader Cllr Tom Fox claimed that Compass was missed off the report as it doesn’t feature on the Active Places Power database.

However, Mr Ingham, from Filey, is unwavering in his stance that the report isn’t up to scratch, and will demand that it is carried out again.

“The council simply can’t argue that it’s not flawed,” said Mr Ingham.

“Let’s get some value for money and in the interest of transparency, let’s do it again.”

He added: “I’m over the moon that Jim has decided to sit down with me and allow me to discuss this face to face – it’s all I wanted.

“I hope we can come out with a way forward.”

The Scarborough News contacted Neil Allen Associates, but the company has so far failed to reply.