‘Complicated’ cancer op led to death

A MAN died in Scarborough Hospital following complications after a cancer operation, an inquest heard.

Philip D’Alquen, 76, of Westgate, Pickering, had surgery to remove a large tumour from his abdomen on February 20.

After initially appearing to make a good recovery, his condition deteriorated and he died on March 12.

The inquest, at Scarborough County Court, heard how Mr D’Alquen had been diagnosed with colonic cancer and advised that without surgery, he would not survive longer than six months.

Consultant surgeon Clare McNaught said: “The risks were discussed – colorectal surgery is very dangerous surgery.”

Miss McNaught explained that Mr D’Alquen’s surgery had gone well, even though the operation had been “technically challenging”.

On the third day after the operation he took a turn for the worse, but within six hours of being taken into intensive care, everything was back to normal.

He was discharged on the Saturday, but the next day he became unwell and was re-admitted.

An anastomotic leak was found in his colon and Mr D’Alquen was given emergency surgery. However, he went on to develop multi-organ failure and died in hospital.

A post mortem by consultant pathologist Dr Jan Lowe, of North Tees Hospital, showed that Mr D’Alquen had died from multi organ failure and sepsis.

He said: “There were no signs of any surgical mishap and everything appeared to have been done correctly.”

Coroner Michael Oakley said: “Mr D’Alquen had undergone a serious, complicated operation.

“Complications did arise, as they can do in operations of this nature.

“Everything was done that could have been done.”

He recorded a verdict of misadventure.