Concert: Reminder of a true Christian

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What a pleasure it was to see ‘One Day in December’ at Westborough Methodist Church.

The whole production was marvellous and did indeed make us pause and think about the horrors of war.

For me it was a vivid reminder of a wonderful Methodist neighbour who had experienced the bombardment of Scarborough and who fascinated us with her story of her whole family fleeing Scarborough on foot only to be turned back at Snainton with the good news that the German fleet had gone.

Mrs Lee was a delightful Methodist, a true Christian who spent a great deal of her life doing good deeds for others. Her baking and her piano playing (usually hymns) provided my children and our neighbour’s children with a great deal of love and pleasure, not to mention happy memories!

Edith McLuse (formerly Stanford)

Dr Smarts Homes

Woodland Grove