Conservative victory in Ryedale

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Ryedale is true blue this morning after an overwhelming victory for the Conservative Party in the local elections.

They claimed 20 of the 30 available seats on Ryedale District Council and now hold an overall majority - a first for the authority since 1995.

At the other end of the spectrum, the Liberal Democrats lost six seats, leaving them with only two councillors. The main opposition now comes from The Liberal Party, led by Cllr John Clark, which won four seats, up by one, with independent candidates also claiming four seats.

Cllr Keith Knaggs, the group leader of the Conservative Party in Ryedale, said: “It is the first time we have ever had a majoirty on this council and I think the reason for it is we did have a good story to tell. That and we made our biggest effort since 1999 and possibly in one or two wards there was such a multiplicity of candidates they got in each other’s way.”

Of the party’s plans for the future, he added: “The only pledge I am going to make at this minute is that we will continue to act in what we believe are the best interests of people in Ryedale. Before going any further, we will carefuly analyse the results and what they mean.”

The big winner of the night was 19-year-old Conservative Luke Ives who won a seat in the Norton West Ward.

Husband and wife Howard and Di Keal were both ousted in their respective wards in Norton while Jane Wilford, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Ryedale, lost out as did long-serving councillors Val Arnold, of the Conservative Party, and Independent Natalie Warriner.

Conservatives: 20 Seats

The Liberal Party: 4 Seats

Liberal Democrats: 2 Seats

Independents: 4 Seats.