Cook up a storm in true ‘Come Dine’ style to raise funds

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Scarborough Hospital fundraiser Maya Richardson is asking local food fans to take part in a “Come Dine With Me” challenge.

Groups of friends are invited to host their own version of the popular Channel 4 show, with the proceeds going to hospital funds.

Maya explained: “The score that each person/couple give you is the value of donation they make, so if they score you 8/10 they donate £8.

“Meaning if you are an excellent host with amazing skills, you could raise a potential £40.

She added: “I personally can’t wait to do my evening, I’ve created my menu and I just need to select the friends who will be the kindest!”

Participants will be supplied with scorecards and donation envelopes, so all you have to do is think of the menu. For your free pack, please email or call (01723) 236210.