Cotton Club back at the Grand

DAVE Clegg’s popular eight-piece band plays for the Cotton Club at the Grand Hotel on Sunday.

The hotel’s Palm Court ballroom hosts a dance on the last Sunday of each month, for dancers of all abilities.

“The number of dancers has been growing every month,” says Dave. “But we still don’t get quite enough people coming along to make such a quality experience sustainable. So many people have told me how much they prefer to dance to a eight-piece band and singers rather than CDs, yet despite their promises some still haven’t yet managed to come along. I am worried that it they don’t take the opportunity to come along in the next couple of months we won’t be able to keep it going.”

The band is made up of musicians from across the North. They work with the George Bradley Orchestra and are past members of well-known local and national big bands. Roger Maughan and Brenda Sharman are regular vocalists.

On Sunday they will be joined by drummer Dave Pinkney, who has led the house bands at Wallis’s and other local venues.

“We have purposely made the entry price affordable, even though some of the musicians travel quite a distance to get here. I am grateful to the band members for agreeing to take very little in expenses while we find out if people across the area want to enjoy the experience of dancing to a live band made up of several musicians, playing band music the way it is meant to be played,” adds Dave.

The band plays the music of George Gershwin, Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller, Michael Bublé, Frank Sinatra and Natalie Cole.

Sunday’s show is due to start at 7.45pm.