Council action is not working on gulls

Seagull menace
Seagull menace

Is Cllr Chatt from another planet, Planet Zog perhaps?

The reason people are taking vigilante action, which I totally disagree with, is because what action the council is taking is clearly not working.

If 800 eggs have been destroyed and 400 nests and we are still faced with the problems then I would suggest the council doubles its efforts. “Nothing left in our arsenal” is not helpful to business people and townsfolk alike who are plagued by the mess and noise these birds cause.

The bad publicity this is giving the town was brought home recently when on a train from Edinburgh the guard on seeing my ticket commented “Oh heading to Scarborough are you? I love Scarborough but those seagulls are a menace.”

Shaun Wadsworth
Castlemount Avenue, Scalby