Council dog fine record is branded ‘foul’

Dog waste bin on the Esplanade.Picture Richard Ponter 130220
Dog waste bin on the Esplanade.Picture Richard Ponter 130220

There are calls for Scarborough Council to clean up its act after new figures revealed only 17 fines had been issued for dog fouling since 2007.

Comparatively, during that period, the authority slapped thousands of parking tickets on vehicles in the borough, boosting their coffers to the tune of over £2.4 million in fines.

The new figures, disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act, also reveal that in a two-year period, not one single fine was handed out to disobedient dog owners.

Now fed-up residents have branded the figures “foul”, with one councillor calling for Scarborough Council to clamp down on “irresponsible” dog owners, who are making a mess of the town’s streets.

“We need to clean this mess up,” said Cllr Eric Broadbent.

“A fine is clearly no deterrent, we need to step up with more prosecutions, as this is clearly not working and it’s giving Scarborough a bad name.”

He added that the issue of fouling was raised at a community police meeting on Wednesday night, and dog owner Susan Kelly, from Oxford Street, said: “Where are all the dog wardens?

“Everywhere you step, the mess is there, spread all over the street.”

She added that she cleans up after her dog, but a lack of bins means she is sometimes forced to throw it away.

Scarborough Council, which has previously won an award for its clean streets, was unavailable for comment.