Council employee deserves a gold medal!

The council comes in for a lot of stick from we townsfolk, some of it justified, some of it not.

We have been in Scarborough for just under seven years and never had to ask for anything. However, recently our bungalow was infested with a wasp nest at the time our grandson was visiting. I rang the council at 2pm and they advised me that when the pest control engineer came in later to pick his messages up, he would decide when he was going to deal with the problem.

The pest control engineer turned up at 5.15pm the same day and had dealt with the problem within 20 minutes. This was excellent service by any stretch of the imagination and my wife and I can only praise the council’s response.

However it does not end there, the pest control engineer whose name was Mike Steel, is customer service personified, he had to attend another wasp nest in Malton after ours which was urgent, but he spent time explaining to us what he had done and what was likely to happen next.

This guy is 70 years old and if there are gold medals for council employees, he deserves the biggest one ever. Based on this performance we can only congratulate the council.

Frank and Teresa Kirk

Leighton Close