Council green light plans to move Scarboro’ bookmaker

A gambling giant is set to up sticks after Scarborough Council approved plans to move its store further into the heart of the town centre.

Bookmakers Coral wil now operate from the former Going Places unit in Westborough.

Currently the firm operate out of a store in Valley Bridge Parade.

Controversially, the company has also lodged plans with the council to open a second town centre store, at the disused Roasters Cafe until in Newborough.

The plans have riled Chamber of Trade chairman Janet Jefferson, who said she has “serious concerns” over the growing number of bookies popping up in the town centre.

If Coral’s plans for the Newborough branch are successful, it would mean that 10 bookmakers would be operating within a one square mile radius.

A spokesperson for Coral defended its expansion plans, claiming that the stores create much-needed employment, as well as catering for a “leisure pastime” that is “enjoyed” by millions of people.

However, recent figures revealed that last year, Scarborian’s fed over £60 million into change-guzzling gaming machines that have been branded as “addictive as crack”.

The council’s decision to approve the plans for the Westborough store comes with the stipulation that work must commence within the next three years.

The shop front is to be re-modelled with aluminium framing to the windows and door, with a tiled finish to the stallriser and piilasters.

A new external blue roller shutter will cover the front entrance doorway.

Local resident Alan Weldon unsuccessfully opposed the installation of air conditioning condenser units at the site, raising concerns that they will add to “noise pollution”, which he claims is already an issue due to units at the adjacent Lord Rosebury pub and Yorkshire Building Society branch.

However, Environmental Service officers claimed the replacement units may actually be quieter than the existing ones.

It’s not known yet when work will start.