Council horse fair plan causes anger in Seamer

Seamer Horse Fair ..trotting  through the site 102856e news
Seamer Horse Fair ..trotting through the site 102856e news

Scarborough Council is looking to give travellers a permanent home in the town for the annual Seamer Horse Fair.

The authority is looking to remove a planning condition on the land it uses to the north of the B1261 that means that permission has to be sought every year to allow the use of the land for travellers.

The council argues that the drop in trouble around the fair in recent years shows that its strategy is working and that by removing the yearly 
requirement it would all the council to concentrate on continuing that work.

SHowever, local residents are angry at the proposals, saying the fair is a headache and it needs to be reviewed annually in case of any trouble caused.

The council’s planning application is currently out to public consultation and will be considered by its planning and development committee later this year.

The application report, by Martin Pedley the council’s asset and risk manager, wrote: “If members see fit to remove the imposed condition please be assured that the Borough Council and North Yorkshire Police have every intention of continuing to work with partners and the settled community to ensure the event causes as little disruption as possible.”

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More than 70 objections to the change have now been submitted.

One states: “The travellers fair in theory would be a lovely idea but unfortunately the majority of so-called travellers who attend are doing so to get drunk and cause trouble, the village shop has to have security guards and so do the other local establishments if they don’t close.

“There are numerous antisocial behaviour problems, litter all over and noise and many criminal problems.

“It costs the tax payer thousands of pound and I object to having to pay for people to come and cause trouble.”

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